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Granby's Green Acres

Granby's Green Acre was a situation comedy broadcast shortly for 2 months in 1950. It was a successful summer replacement on CBS, and later it became a popular TV show in the 60s, Green Acres. Gale Gordon played the husband John Granby while Bea Benaderet as the wife Martha Granby and Louise Erickson as the daughter Janice. Parley Baer played the hired hand Eb.

The series centers around the Granbys' family life on the farm. John Granby left a bank job in search for a greener pasture. He moved the family from the city to the countryside working on a farm. The show is an excellent production with great sound effects. Not only is it sincere, cute, but often downright hilarious!

Show Name Date Aired
Granby Bites The Love Bug July 24, 1950
Granby Discovers Electricity July 17, 1950
Granby Quits His Job March 30, 1950
Granby Plants A Crop July 10, 1950
Granby Breaks Down August 21, 1950
Granby Lays an Egg July 31, 1950

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